Character Tracker for Skyrim

Character Tracker is an iOS app for keeping track of characters and other information for Skyrim or other games. This app is for players who might lose track of their many characters. You’ll never again have to ask yourself questions like “Was I going to do the Thieve’s Guild quest line on my rogue or my archer?” or “Was I going to bother with Enchanting on my fighter?”

Why did I make this app?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a video game that originally came out in 2011, so why make a companion app for it now? Skyrim is a game that is notoriously easy to mod: to make modifications or add custom content to. Because of that, Skyrim still has an active community to this day. Every day new mods come out to fix issues with the original game, add new content, or make other interesting changes to improve the game experience. Skyrim is already a vast, open-ended game, so adding mods on top of that can make it easy to lose track content.

Character Tracker for Skyrim is designed to help players keep track of all of the content available in Skyrim and its mods by providing a way to organize characters and what each of their play styles and objectives are.

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