Tickmate allows you to track any daily occurrences. It is a is a 1-bit journal, meaning each day is either ticked or not. You can track anything from habits you wish to build or break to how often you wash your hair. It includes an in-app purchase to unlock track grouping for better organization. AContinue reading “Tickmate”

WebDAV Swift

WebDAV Swift is a Swift library for communicating with WebDAV servers such as Nextcloud. Features Create, read, update, and delete files Image and thumbnail fetching from Nextcloud servers Multi-level memory and disk cache for images and thumbnails Automatic cache cleaning Multiple account support Swift Package Manager support Background WebDAV servers such as Nextcloud are greatContinue reading “WebDAV Swift”

Budget Blocks

View on GitHub Budget Blocks is a personal finance app that brings the Envelope System to a user’s smartphone so they can better manage their money and track their expenses. Team Project Sole developer of the iOS app Built user interface using UIKit and Storyboard Securely connected users’ bank accounts using Plaid Link Synchronized dataContinue reading “Budget Blocks”