How to fix “Field ‘recordName’ is not marked queryable” in CloudKit

The issue While writing an iOS app in Swift using CloudKit and CoreData with NSPersistentCloudKitContainer, I ran into the issue “Field ‘recordName’ is not marked queryable” and couldn’t see an obvious solution. Searching online didn’t give many helpful results either. This error message would show up in the CloudKit Dashboard as well as in theContinue reading “How to fix “Field ‘recordName’ is not marked queryable” in CloudKit”

Tickmate 1-Bit Journal for iOS Released

My latest app has been released! Tickmate allows you to track any daily occurrences. It is a is a 1-bit journal, meaning each day is either ticked or not. You can track anything from habits you wish to build or break to how often you wash your hair. Tickmate for iOS was inspired by lordi/tickmate for Android.Continue reading “Tickmate 1-Bit Journal for iOS Released”

WebDAV Swift Released

WebDAV Swift is a Swift library for communicating with WebDAV servers such as Nextcloud. Version 2.2.0 has released which brings it to a point where I feel like it is ready to be shared. Features Create, read, update, and delete files Image thumbnail fetching from Nextcloud servers Multi-level memory and disk cache for images andContinue reading “WebDAV Swift Released”

Character Tracker v1.2 with mod tracking and QR code scanning

My Character Tracker for Skyrim app has been updated to v1.2. This is a very important update to me as it adds tracking for mods and DLC, a feature I’ve been hoping to implement from the start. It’s now not only a character tracker, but a mod tracker too! While the original app was buildContinue reading “Character Tracker v1.2 with mod tracking and QR code scanning”

How to only run onDisappear when a view is unloaded in SwiftUI

SwiftUI’s view modifier onDisappear is useful for running code when a view goes away. The issue is that it doesn’t differentiate between the view being unloaded and it simply being covered or hidden. Sometimes you want to run specific code when the view is dismissed or unloaded. Simply putting that code in an onDisappear willContinue reading “How to only run onDisappear when a view is unloaded in SwiftUI”

SwfitUI 2 on iOS 14 Fixes Swipe-to-Delete

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about how I attempted to fix the terrible swipe-to-delete animation in SwiftUI. While my solutions weren’t perfect, they were better than what SwiftUI came with. Well with the releases of iOS 14 and Xcode 12 betas, Apple has fixed swipe-to-delete. It now functions in SwiftUI just likeContinue reading “SwfitUI 2 on iOS 14 Fixes Swipe-to-Delete”

The quest to make SwiftUI swipe-to-delete not look and feel terrible

I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way, but I hate the way the swipe-to-delete function looks and feels in SwiftUI. In UIKit, after you swipe a cell, the background animates to fill the rest of the cell with destructive red and the cell collapses. This feels like it’s finishing theContinue reading “The quest to make SwiftUI swipe-to-delete not look and feel terrible”

Preloading new data in iOS app updates in Swift

For many apps it is useful to preload data, either to provide examples for the user to reference, or as a starting place for them to work from. This article will not go over specifically how to load data, but rather how to add new data with an app update. For example, an app mightContinue reading “Preloading new data in iOS app updates in Swift”

Fistful Food Tracker released

Fistful Food Tracker is for people with avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), picky eating habits, or any other reason for under-eating. Track food portions in fists instead of calories. Calorie counting takes time out of your day and can be stressful trying to get the numbers right. This is my first app built using SwiftUI.Continue reading “Fistful Food Tracker released”

Character Tracker for Skyrim released

Character Tracker is an idea I’ve had for a long time. I originally started making it as a PHP web app, then tried making a desktop app in C++, but neither of those implementations were satisfactory to me. Now that I know Swift and iOS development, making a mobile app felt right for the project.Continue reading “Character Tracker for Skyrim released”