Tickmate 1-Bit Journal for iOS Released

My latest app has been released!

Tickmate allows you to track any daily occurrences. It is a is a 1-bit journal, meaning each day is either ticked or not. You can track anything from habits you wish to build or break to how often you wash your hair.

Tickmate for iOS was inspired by lordi/tickmate for Android.


This app was built entirely with SwiftUI 2 and uses Core Data with CloudKit sync to enable backups and multi-device sync. It uses the libraries malcommac/SwiftDate and siteline/SwiftUI-Introspect and is open-source under the BSD 2-Clause License.

Future plans

I loved the original Tickmate app for Android and am really proud of what I’ve made here for iOS. There are plenty of ideas I have to build upon and deviate from the formula of the original app. Some of these include:

  • Better track organization with groups
  • iOS 14 widgets
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • Apple Watch app
  • Reminder notifications

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