Fistful Food Tracker released

Fistful Food Tracker is for people with avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), picky eating habits, or any other reason for under-eating. Track food portions in fists instead of calories. Calorie counting takes time out of your day and can be stressful trying to get the numbers right.

This is my first app built using SwiftUI. At Lambda School we were taught how to build apps using UIKit, so figuring out how to build an app using a new, declarative framework was a fun challenge. I definitely like how much less complex SwiftUI code is, but I don’t plan on switching entirely over to it for future projects. Apple did design it in a way to make it easy to add SwiftUI views to existing UIKit projects, though, so I might experiment with mixing SwiftUI into my UIKit projects when it feels appropriate.

Future plans

While I do have ideas for new features to add to this app, it is not currently in active development directly after its initial release. If there are any bugs that get reported I would gladly look into them, however.

Some ideas for future features include:

  • Support planning multiple days in advance
  • Allow the user to create meal templates to simplify planning and entry
  • Give foods default values for portions
  • Separate entries into designated meals

This does not mean that this app is unsupported however, so feel free to reach out to me directly or through a GitHub issue for any reason.

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