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This site is the home of my projects. Check out my portfolio, read some articles, or reach out with any questions or inquiries.

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How to fix “Field ‘recordName’ is not marked queryable” in CloudKit

The issue While writing an iOS app in Swift using CloudKit and CoreData with NSPersistentCloudKitContainer, I ran into the issue “Field ‘recordName’ is not marked queryable” and couldn’t see an obvious solution. Searching online didn’t give many helpful results either. This error message would show up in the CloudKit Dashboard as well as in theContinue reading “How to fix “Field ‘recordName’ is not marked queryable” in CloudKit”

WebDAV Swift Released

WebDAV Swift is a Swift library for communicating with WebDAV servers such as Nextcloud. Version 2.2.0 has released which brings it to a point where I feel like it is ready to be shared. Features Create, read, update, and delete files Image thumbnail fetching from Nextcloud servers Multi-level memory and disk cache for images andContinue reading “WebDAV Swift Released”

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